Economics Has Consequences: Liberty, Tyranny and the Impact on Christianity

In this abridged version of the 12-lesson study series Economics for Everybody (, R.C Sproul Jr. explains why it so important that Christians understand economics. Engaging, lucid, and entertaining, Economics Has Consequences pulls together some of the key aspects of the original series into one film.

The first section introduces basic principles of economics such as stewardship, civil government, work, wealth, and entrepreneurism. The second section explores the impact of government intervention on education, the money supply, welfare, depressions, markets, and more.

With each succeeding example, it becomes evident that economic freedom is directly related to religious freedom, and that the loss of one inevitably leads to the loss of the other.

Filled with fun and interesting clips from old movies and newsreels it’s an endlessly entertaining exploration of economics.

Sections Include:
01:27 – What is Economics?
15:00 – How do we get from Work to Wealth?
28:00 – Who Decides What to Produce?
37:00 – The Impact of Economic Ideas
41:25 – From Free Markets to Socialism
55:48 – The Problems of Intervention
1:08:37 – Inflation, Depressions, & Highway Robbery
1:30:00 – The Welfare & Corporate States of America
1:48:55 – What about Greed & Poverty
1:57:45 – A Simple Plan

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