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How Do You Know Christianity Is True?

Why should I want to be a Christian?

How should teenagers handle relationships with the opposite sex?

Beziehungen, Heirat, Familie, Mann und Frau

Is it biblical to think that physical attraction must be a component of a godly marriage?

Is It Sinful to Date a Non-Christian?

What is your Stance on Married Couples using Birth Control Pills?

What have you Done to Teach your Children the Importance of Giving Tithes and Offerings?

What do you Think of Spanking?

What should a Wife do when her Husband doesn’t Lead Spiritually?

How do you do family devotions?

Is it wrong for married people to have friends of the opposite sex?

Is it true to say that God made you so that he could love you?

Boundaries for Non-Christian Friendships

What Advice Would You Give Newly Married John Piper?


Gemeinde, Kirche, Versammlung, Gemeinschaft.

The Danger of Deserting Community

Counsel for Busy Moms

How Evangelistic Should Sundays Be?

How Do I Obey and Submit to My Leaders?

When Should I Leave My Church?


Leben, Nachfolge, Heiligung

What does it mean to have a Relationship with God?

Can you Shed some Light on the Tension between Taking Action and Waiting on the Lord?

How should I spend my time?

What are some Practical Helps to Deepen a Desire and Love for Prayer?

What Does It Mean to Be Dead to the World?

Affections and Emotions

Can a Born-Again Christian Lose Salvation?

How Do I Delight Myself in the Lord?

How can I discern the specific calling of God on my life?

How do prayer and Bible-reading relate?

Should I use the Bible when I pray?

How does unbelief contribute to the need I feel for pornography?

Can we Give Anything to Christ?

What are some Practical Helps to Deepen a Desire and Love for Prayer?

What do you Mean by “Future Grace”?

Should We Listen for the Audible Voice of God?

Is gratitude a bad motivation for obeying God?

Can I Focus too much on Myself for Assurance of Salvation?

Botox, Dieting, and Plastic Surgery oder “Der Christ und sein Körper”

What is the Purpose of Fasting?



How Does the Spirit Testify I’m Saved?


Rettung, Evangelium, Kreuz, Rechtfertigung

Why is God just to Punish Jesus for our Sins when doing a Similar thing would be so Unjust for a Human Judge to do?

What is the Gist of the Book, The Justification of God?

Should we teach that good works come with saving faith?

How can I help someone who thinks they aren’t elect?

What does Christianity say about the Eternal State of our Bodies?

Why Redemptive History?

Does God Get More Glory If People Have Free Will?

Do We Have Free Will to Choose Christ?

If Our Will Is Not Free, Are We Accountable?

What Is Christian Freedom?


Does being totally depraved mean we’re always sinning no matter what?

Which Error is more Prevalent in the World—Legalism or License?

Are All Sins Equal Before God?

Can I still Worship God even though I’m not Entirely “Pure and Upright”?

How should I read the book of Job?



What is God’s Glory?

Is God less glorious for choosing us rather than having us choose him?

Was it possible for Jesus to sin?

What would Happen to Christianity if Christ’s Resurrection were Disproved?

Does the number of people praying for something make God more likely to do it?

How are general and special revelation different?

Can God Ordain Evil Without Being Evil?

Pastor of World’s Largest Church Convicted of Embezzlement  – Gott und Geld

Does Everything That Happens Glorify God As Much As Possible …


Weltanschauung, Kultur, Unterscheidungsvermögen

Are All Biblical Doctrines Equally Essential?

If you had two minutes to talk with the pope, what would you say to him?

Why Evangelicals Go Catholic

Should former Catholics still participate in the mass?

Why don’t we Experience the Miracles that the Apostles were Capable of?

Was Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrong to plot against Hitler’s life?